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5 Surprising Foods that are holding you back

Happy Father’s Day! Can you think of a better present than the gift of health and happiness? Do any of the important men in your life suffer with uncomfortable symptoms after eating a meal?  This may be down to a food intolerance.  With Test Your Intolerance you can...

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Pollen is not the problem

Summer is finally here, which means picnics in the park and long walks in the countryside.  However, for some people this may mean dosing up on antihistamines and avoiding the pollen filled air at any cost. Have you ever heard someone say that they have developed...

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Are you lactose intolerant?

So, you have just received your test results from Test Your Intolerance and you have discovered that you are intolerant to lactose?  No problem, we are here to help!  This article will help you on your way to live a Lactose free life! Lactose is the carbohydrate...

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British Tomato Week

This week is British Tomato Week! To celebrate 21 years of the British Tomato Growers Association, British tomato events will begin on Monday 21st May. Many of us will be celebrating by trying out new recipes, tasting sessions and maybe even trying to grow your own....

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Eat What You Want

Eat what you want day?! Yes, you heard right. Eat what you want day is held every year on May 11th. It’s a day when you can choose to eat whatever makes you happy, a little break from the day to day pressure of worrying about what you eat. However, this may be a bit...

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View our bioresonance tests

We use Bioresonance equipment to perform our tests. Discover more about Bioresonance testing including the process and research papers on our dedicate Bioresonance page.